Jimlatech works on equipping small enterprises, local organizations, farmer associations, schools, faith based organizationsand other less developed local sectors with relevant ICT skills and tools. We inspire, motivate and facilitate the ownership and use of websites, social media channels and E-commerce platforms, with the goal of helping them to tap into opportunities that are availed through online presence.
Jimlatechtargets these less developed (but highly important) segments of society with the goal of ensuring that they are not left behind in the fast changing world of ICT. With the right ICT skills and tools, we believe that our target segment will manage to cope with emerging technological trends in fundraising, communication, finance management, trade &marketing and measurement on social impact.
We target the less developed (informal and semi-formal) local segments of society since they are highly important actors in a country’s economic progression but have a high chance of being left out due to lack of financial, technical and political resources. Our target market also has a high chance of being left out by many technology developers and providers, since they are seen as an incapable and less profitable market. By working with these marginalized groups, we create sustainable positive social impact.
In addition, we generate income by offering affordable ICT services to organizations and companies in Kenya. The services include software development, E-commerce web services, web design, network solutions, ICT consultancy and many others.

Mission and Vision


To be the most trusted and reliable providers of ICT skills and tools that are designed to cater for the needs of local enterprises and other local associations/ organizations, that have a higher risk of being left behind on the digital opportunities.
To help in taking ICT skills and online presence to the less developed (but important) segments of society such as small local enterprises, local NGOs, CBOs & FBO’s, schools, local cooperatives and groupings among others.
Our Goal
Our goal is to ensure that the less developed, less visible but important segments of society such as small local enterprises, Local NGOs, CBOs, FBO’s, schools and community cooperatives/ associations are equipped with relevant ICT skills and tools that will help them tap into opportunitiesavailable online and offline.
Specific objectives
1. To equip small enterpriseswith ICT skills and tools, to enable them access relevant information that enhances their technical knowledge neededto grow their enterprises.
2. To help social development organizations to connect with the rest of the world through the use of ICT skills and tools, making their projects visible and sustainable.
3. To equiplocal schools and other learning institutions with ICT skills and tools to enable learners befit by accessing online information and sharing their ideas through various channels.

Services We offer

We offer the following services:

  • Web Design
  • E-commerce Wed Development
  • Software Development
  • Corporate Training
  • Networking and Network installations
  • Computer Mainteinance
  • Web Redesign
  • Branding
  • ICT Consultation

Our Values

Our Values
• Expertise, Innovative and Creativity
• Trust and integrity
• Dedication
• Networking
• Partnership and collaboration